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Pumpkins Galore!


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Good Morning and Happy Halloween-eve-eve!  By now, we’re skipping over the Halloween décor and moving on to the most important part of Halloween.  No, not candy, although that is a very good point.  But today I’m talking about PUMPKINS!

From novice to professional, pumpkins are fun for everyone!  In today’s Halloween market, there are so many choices when it comes to pumpkins — carving kits, motorized carving saws, pre-designed stencils, carving alternatives such as painting, and the ultimate alternative… fake pumpkins!  Yes, fake pumpkins.  These fake pumpkins are like the best thing since sliced bread.  All the joy of pumpkin carving without the goop and mess of cleaning it out!

Now that doesn’t mean that these fake pumpkins don’t have their drawbacks.  I had a blast carving my fake pumpkin last night, but it was actually more difficult than a regular pumpkin to do the actual carving.  With real pumpkins, the live membrane of the pumpkin allows flexibility and give, where the fake pumpkins are made from a dry foam material.  I’m not sure it that will actually make sense until you try it out for yourself.  Anywho, the long and short of it is the foam material is dry and brittle, easily breaking off at the thinly carved areas.  But don’t despair… toothpicks to the rescue!  Here is the final project…

20131028_220434_resized 20131028_220445_resized

Not as glamorous as you imagined?  Yeah, me either.  The great thing about pumpkins is they always look better in the dark!  Check these out…

20131028_220220_resized 20131028_220301_resized

Well, it’s hard to take a photo of a lit pumpkin, lol.  But there you go!  Moral of the story: don’t get discouraged!  Need some tips on pumpkin carving/decorating?  Check out Spook Master‘s website.  They have everything from patterns (free and for purchase) and a ton of tips: Selecting a Pumpkin, Carving, Painting, Tips and Troubleshooting, etc.  Be sure to read the safety tips under “Be Careful” to ensure you and your little pumpkin survive this experience unharmed.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some real carved pumpkins…

3762_430385543690667_1292734378_n 156636_430385347024020_248729429_n

Once again, we hope you enjoyed today’s post, we sure did!  Be sure to share you pumpkin ideas and tips, we’d love you hear from you!  Be sure to stay tuned (or subscribe via email) for all of our upcoming Fall and Thanksgiving ideas!  Everyone have a safe Halloween!

Ready For Some Football?


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Good Morning and welcome to Football Sunday!  We are well into the football season now and a little overdue for some football L-O-V-E!  There are a lot of misconceptions out there that football is a man’s game.  I’m here to correct that mentality today!  It’s true that the sport of football is more popular among the male gender in terms of actual playing… but who puts in the real work?  That’s right… cheerleaders!  I know what you’re thinking… cheering on the sideline is nothing compared to body-slamming, shoulder-slamming, ruff and tuff football action.  HOWEVER, every team needs a cheering squad to get the fans all riled up and rooting for their team!  So that’s what I’m bringing to the table today, another fabulous way to stay in style while supporting your favorite team!  Check ’em out…


20131026_215425 20131026_215532 20131026_215553 20131026_215615 20131026_2154061

Now obviously these are not ALL the college teams, but here in our local area, these are pretty much the only ones that matter, and we take our football seriously, LOL.  These bows are good for more than just wearing on game day!  They make awesome party favors, gifts, decorations, etc.  My favorite is to make matching bows for my giftwrap.  Interested in making your own team bow?  Piece of cake.  Check out HOW TO: make a Boutique Stacked Bow Tutorial by Just Add A Bow on YouTube — she has a ton of great tutorials!  Once you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting a little here and there to create your own look and style.  Interested in buying instead of making?  We have an answer for that, too… check out the Hair Bows section of our Etsy shop!

Do you have any other ideas on how these hair bows can be repurposed?  What is your favorite sports team?  What unique ways do you like to celebrate your team?  Feel free to share with your crafting buddies by posting a comment below — we’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for stopping in today, we sure appreciate you!  Don’t forget you can subscribe your email to receive all of our wonderful posts delivered straight to your inbox!

Freaky Friday!


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Good Morning and welcome to… Freaky Friday… aka our last Friday before Halloween (EEK!).  If you are anything like me, your life is too hectic to keep track of all these holidays and actually plan in advance.  Halloween wreath?  Unfinished and laying on my kitchen table (who needs a place to eat anyways?).  But you bet I had time to make one for my sister-in-law, lol.  Oh, priorities… anywho.  Today we will be showcasing our TOP 5 (and totally do-able in a weekend) blog posts and projects so you can spend the next two days cluttering up the house with your awesome Halloween décor!  BUT FIRST… we have to announce our awesome GIVE-A-WAY winner!  (drum roll, please…)

Nancy Postma-Sabiston

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Now… on to the fun and games!  First on our list is…

DIY Halloween Shadow Box at

This awesome DIY Halloween Shadow Box box by U-Create can really add some dimension to your décor!  Hang it on a wall, put it on your mantle, whatever you want to do!  And the best part?  No craft experience or tools required!  Be sure to check out her blog for all the information you need to put this on your project list!  While you’re there, check out her other awesome posts, my other favorite is the Trick or Treat Witch Bag Tutorial!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Second (only in title) is…

pretty halloween mantle decor

Isn’t that a beautiful mantle?  Decorating your mantle really helps add a lot of pizzazz to your room!  AND, you don’t have to do traditional Halloween items, just grab a little of this and that and make it your own!  Check out all the wonderful ideas from Create and Babble, including the tutorial on making that awesome “Boo” frame (Crafting With Glitter Just Got Easier)!  She makes it look sssooo easy!

All good things come in threes!

Beware Halloween Sign

Now you can’t tell me that this doesn’t apply to at least a few of us!  I know a sign that will be on my front door by Halloween!  Of course, I mean the part about the monsters, I don’t know who that Wicked Witch could be referring to… Be sure to check out Giggles Galore for a better close-up of this amazing Beware Halloween Sign!

Four all good things must come to an end…

Who doesn’t love printables?  Not only are these super-cute and amazing ideas, they are perfect for your last minute decorating!  Maybe you’re throwing a Halloween party?  Check.  Maybe you need some goodies to give out to friends or family.  Check.  Maybe you just want to dress up the house with cute projects with the kids?  Check.  My Sister’s Suitcase has put together a wonderful post on a Halloween Treat Tag Printable + Printable Blog Hop that you just have to check out!  When you finish, don’t stop there!  Check out the rest of their blog for even more wonderful Halloween ideas!

Now here’s where I test your math skills… I did say TOP 5, right?  Okay, so we have one more special project for you today… OURS!  (LOL)  For our fabulous #5…

Photo 1 (3)

Can you say “Oh, my goodness!”?  I know, cute as can be.  And the perfect last-minute project for all your Halloweenie friends!  If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is a cute little door-hanger treat bag!  Stuff it full of treats and hang it on every door you find!  Okay, maybe not EVERY one, but what a cute idea for your co-workers and neighbors… or start Halloween off right with hanging these on your children’s bedroom doors!

Want to make your own?  Well, we’ll admit that Silhouette makes it super easy by giving us the cut file in the Silhouette Online Store.  With such a versatile template, you can dress up the front to be any design you want it to be — scary, spooky, cute or all three!

Not interested in making your own but still want to give these to give out?  Not a problem.  Check out our Etsy listing!  I will say that we’re running out of time for shipping, but especially if you are in my local area, we can get these to you before Halloween!

We hope you had fun looking at all these amazing Halloween crafts (we sure did!).  Be sure to jot down a few notes and hit up a few blogs to finish off your Halloween décor and project list!  As always, stay tuned for more awesome posts to come… Sunday’s post starts with a “P” and ends with an “umpkins!”  Until then, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!

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The Pink Knight


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Good Morning and welcome to another wonderful Tuesday.  Today we bring you (possibly) the cutest project ever!  But first, don’t forget about our GIVE-A-WAY!

Do you have a favorite superhero?  For me, it has always been Batman.  I’m not sure if it’s the “human” aspect of his character or just the raspy voice, but mark him #1 on my list.  Instead of The Dark Knight, today we bring you… The Pink Knight.  Now what kind of sense does that make?  Take a look.


Oh, yeah.  My daughter can hate me for it when she gets older, but this year, she is going as Batman — or Batgirl, as it were.  This outfit is a perfect mix of superhero and girl power.  Throw in a coordinating candy bag and pow — it’s a knock out (pun intended — I crack myself up!).  And, to top it all off, this outfit was made by yours truly!  And I’m so humble about it, can’t you tell?  LOL

On to the details… this is a plain black onesie, pink heat transfer material from Silhouette America, zebra print leggings to match the zebra print ribbons, a black canvas bag with the same heat transfer material, a pink tulle tutu and a boutique style bow to match.  Want some close ups?  Why, I’m so glad you asked.  Here you go…

20131021_235552_resized20131021_235436_resized 20131021_235505_resized 20131021_235544_resized 20131021_235427_resized

I know, cute right?  I’m very proud of myself for this one.  Interested in making your own superhero costume?  Here are some tutorials to help you along the way.  YouTube to the rescue!

Smooth Heat Transfer Material 102 by Silhouette America

HOW TO: Make Tutus More Full and Fluffy by Just Add A Bow

HOW TO: Make a 5 Inch Boutique Stacked Hair Bow by Just Add A Bow

I know this project might not light up your bat signal, but hopefully it offers you at least a little inspiration for your Halloween costume.  With a little heat transfer, ribbon and tulle, almost anything is possible… unless you are a boy?  Whoops.  Oh well, thanks for joining us once again.  Be sure to subscribe your email so that you don’t miss any of our future posts, we have some special editions coming up soon!  Also, check us out on Facebook for our latest news!

Pretty In Pink


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Good Morning and Happy Laaaazzzy Sunday.  Sorry for the late post today, but it’s a cute one!  Today we are celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  I am fortunate to work for an employer who understands the importance and value of giving back to our community.  This coming Saturday we are participating in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk — how exciting!  As a known crafter to my co-workers, I volunteered to give tutu making lessons — how exciting (again)!  So this past Thursday a few of us got together and threw some pink tulle around, and here were the results!

20131018_144409 20131018_143457 20131018_143112 20131018_142931

So how did we make these awesome tutus?  Most of the credit goes to Just Add A Bow‘s video on YouTube.  She has a ton of useful video’s that offer her tips of the trade.  You can also check out her Facebook fan page.  Here are the basic supplies that you will need:

Tulle (any color).  I prefer rolls of tulle over purchasing it by the yard, it’s much easier to cut and manage as a roll.


I’m also a paper crafter, so I have a nifty straight edge cutter that makes it super easy to feed the tulle through, measure the length and cut.


Don’t forget as you’re working on it, it’s much easier to loop it round your thigh.


This is what your first layer will look like, depending on if you choose a pattern or a solid color.  You can do as many layers as you like.  I prefer at least two, just to make it full and fluffy.


So what crafts have you done to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness?  Do you have any THINK PINK ideas to share with the group?

Thanks for joining us today!  Don’t forget to enter out awesome GIVE-A-WAY to win a free $25 Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons gift card!  Thanks, again, and we look forward to another amazing post coming soon!

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Guess What Day It Is?


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Hump Day! and Give-A-Way

Hello and Happy Belated WEDNESDAY!  Today we bring you a very special post… we are being featured in the project spotlight on Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons!  Eeek — how exciting!  In conjunction, we want to celebrate with an amazing give-a-way… a $25 Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons gift card!  It doesn’t get any more exciting than that!  More details below!

But first… do you know what day it is?  Well, technically, it’s Friday… BUT let’s pretend it’s… HUMP DAY!  Ever have a bum week at work?  Need a mid-week pick-me-up?  Want to spread some joy around the office?

Well, I think we’re all at least a little familiar with the GEICO commercial… and for those of you who need a refresher (or are addicted like I am!), I’ve got the YouTube recast for you (below!).  With the Hump Day craze sweeping the nation, I though what better opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and spread some joy on a random Wednesday?  I mean really, who doesn’t love a talking camel?  Introducing… Hump Day cookies!

I can’t take all the credit for this cute little guy.  Anyone who knows me also knows that I cannot cook, bake, and the microwave is iffy sometimes.  I bought these cookies from a local vendor Katie Kakes Design.  Be sure to check out her Facebook page for all the amazing things she can do in the kitchen!  I just wrapped these little guys up in a cellophane bag (no one wants germs!) and added a Hump Day tag.  For the tag itself,  I used a tag in the Layered Tags 2 Cutting Files from Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons.  I slightly modified the file to create an “envelope” to slide in a business card.  This would also be great for any type of note or sentiment!  For the tag pattern, I am in love, love, love with the Pumpkin Spice collection from Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons — super cute!  I’m actually in love with all PPPR paper patterns, but this one specifically set off the theme of this project perfectly!  Put it all together and voila, instant camel love!






Needless to say, these were a HUGE hit at work!  It turned into a day-long celebration — I still have “Whoot Whoot” ringing in my ears!  The contagious energy inspired me to create a documentary, if you will: Camels in the Workplace.  Hope you enjoy, we sure did!

So what other things can we do to lift our spirits around the office?  With all the holidays coming up, I’m sure you have some great ideas!  And with this awesome give-a-way, imagine all the things you could get inspired with from Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons!  How do you enter?  Thanks for asking!  All you have to do is two simple things…

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And what’s a give-a-way without a few bonus entries… if you share our give-a-way on Facebook with your friends, you’ll be given another entry for a chance to win!  AND, if you share our button on your blog, we’ll not only return the favor, but you’ll earn yet another entry… how awesome is that?

We’re running the give-a-way from Friday, October 18th until Thursday, October 24th – winner to be announced in our Friday post on October 25th!

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We are thrilled to share this project and give-a-way with you, so thanks for stopping by!  We hope inspired your inner camel!  Don’t forget to check out Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons and Katie Kakes Design – my awesome partners in crime for making this project!  Stay tuned for more projects and crafty fun right around the corner!

As promised, here is the inspiration… the GEICO Hump Day commercial!

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Scary Cute Treat Bags!


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Good Morning and welcome to Treat Bag Tuesday (lol — just kidding).  We’re going to keep it short and sweet today, building up for our big post on FRIDAY (as promised)!  Be sure to check it out (or subscribe…), you won’t be disappointed!

With Halloween right around the corner, we just love all these cute little projects we get to do!  A friend asked me to make some treat bags for her to hand out to her co-workers, then drops the bomb that three of them are MEN.  Ugh.  I don’t know about you, but I seriously struggle making masculine anything.  My natural instincts are pink and sparkly, not dirty and stinky, lol.

Warning: this treat bag is rated PG13

The inspiration for this bag came from a project I saw from Jeanne’s Paper Crafts as an entry to a Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons design team post.  (Be sure to check out her blog and the other great project ideas she has!).  Not only did we fall in love with this card, but we thought it would make a scary cute treat bag!  Check it out:


Scary cute, right?  Interested in making your own?  Here’s the details: The spooky little guy is from the Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons  Movie Monsters 2 collection (amazing!).  The bag and blood border are from Silhouette Online Store.  The background paper is DCWV Spooking Time paper pad and the sentiment is a simple print & cut.  Don’t forget to check out the original card from Jeanne’s Paper Crafts, it’s truly genius!

See, short and scary!  Thanks for stopping by to join in our fun!  Don’t forget… Friday is the big day!  See you then!

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