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Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Welcome to another fabulous For the Love of Friday post!  Today we bring you another Halloween themed project, this one a little more subtle if you’re not into all-out decorating.  This project is also good for you scaredy-cats out there — no blood, guts or monsters!

I have to admit, by the time Friday rolls around, I’m usually pretty drained of energy.  So as excited as I am about the weekend, sometimes my mood turns a little… witchy.  That’s where today’s inspiration came from — which is perfect for Halloween, but not so perfect around Christmas when I’ve been listening to Jingle Bells for six hours!  See, there we go.  Let’s move on.

So back to my experiment for the week, it is super fun and versatile — just how I like my projects!  This is also a project that plays well with vinyl, yay for me.  So without further delay, let’s jump into the world of… glass etching!  Not the big reveal you were looking for?  I know, at first glance, it probably seems a little boring.  However, I promise if you give this a chance, you’ll be amazed at how useful this little skill will be.  I’ve created a list below of wonderful glass etching projects, (please try to contain your excitement!).


So back to this witchy little project, how cute is this vase?  Or candy jar?  Or candle holder?  Or maybe an extra large stemless wine glass (my vote!).  Oh, the possibilities!

Looking for more ideas on glass etching, consider these:

1.  Etched baking dishes – etch your name into your glass baking dishes to prevent any confusion on who’s is who’s.  Another great idea for baking dishes – etch a cute design on the bottom of the dish.  When the casserole is gone, it’ll reveal a special message or design!

2.  Etch custom wine glasses for the girls (or guys) – everyone loves personalized gifts and who doesn’t love wine?  You can also etch beer mugs and margarita glasses to add variety to your gift list!

3.  Etch a cool design on your fish tank!  Awesome.

4.  Etch storage jars in your kitchen for salt, sugar, coffee, etc.

5.  Etch designs into the windows of your home – just kidding.  I probably would not suggest this unless you were truly a pro (or really risky, lol).  Just remember it’s permanent or you’ll have to buy a new window/door.

6.  Pretty much if it’s glass, etch it!  Glasses, mirror, drink coasters, dishes, jars, candle holders… endless possibilities.

So, how is this wonderful glass etching done, you ask?  Well, once again, I will refer you to the ultimate resource of YouTube.  There are a ton of very experienced demonstrators that can show you better than I can.  However, just to show you how easy it is, here is the one-two-threes of glass etching.

1.  Set up your design in the Silhouette Studio.  Cut your design into vinyl to create a stencil. (tip: if you are etching into you bakeware, you’ll want to mirror your image and use the glass etching on the underside — this way it won’t be backwards)

2.  Weed out your design, leaving only the negative on the backing. (yes, this is the opposite of what you are used to doing with vinyl).  Using transfer paper, transfer your image negative onto your glass surface.

3.  Smother the design area with glass etching cream (after reading the safety instructions first!).  Let it sit for the required length of time, then wash the cream off.  Remove the stencil and voila!  (don’t be alarmed if your design does not show when the glass is wet — let it dry and then take a peek at your hard work).

Glass etching cream is available at several locations.  I chose to buy mine online (I heart Amazon.com) and chose Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream.  This product had good reviews with some opinions on how long to leave the cream on there for.  The directions do state to leave it on for just a few minutes and I can testify I left the cream on there for a good 20 minutes and was happy with my results.  Just something to keep in mind, you might have to experiment a little when you first start.  I would recommending testing on a small area first before jumping into your project.

See how easy that was?  Stroll through your local dollar store and pick up some glass vases to experiment on.  I think you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy this really is, and it’s great for the upcoming holiday season!

Thanks again for join us today for this super easy and witchy project!  Stay tuned for a ton of fun planned for this upcoming week!  I’ll give you a hint… it starts with a “give” and ends with an “away”.  Ooo, don’t let me ruin the surprise!  Don’t forget to subscribe via email to get all of our fantastic projects delivered straight into your inbox!

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  1. Migdalia October 11, 2013 at 8:41 pm Reply

    FABULOUS!! Love it!
    Thank you for joining us at 2 Creative Chicks Challenges.
    Have a wonderful day,
    ♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
    ♥ 2 Creative Chicks Challenges ♥

    • mypapercraze October 11, 2013 at 9:04 pm Reply

      Thank you! It was our pleasure to join in all the crafty fun!

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