The Pink Knight


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Good Morning and welcome to another wonderful Tuesday.  Today we bring you (possibly) the cutest project ever!  But first, don’t forget about our GIVE-A-WAY!

Do you have a favorite superhero?  For me, it has always been Batman.  I’m not sure if it’s the “human” aspect of his character or just the raspy voice, but mark him #1 on my list.  Instead of The Dark Knight, today we bring you… The Pink Knight.  Now what kind of sense does that make?  Take a look.


Oh, yeah.  My daughter can hate me for it when she gets older, but this year, she is going as Batman — or Batgirl, as it were.  This outfit is a perfect mix of superhero and girl power.  Throw in a coordinating candy bag and pow — it’s a knock out (pun intended — I crack myself up!).  And, to top it all off, this outfit was made by yours truly!  And I’m so humble about it, can’t you tell?  LOL

On to the details… this is a plain black onesie, pink heat transfer material from Silhouette America, zebra print leggings to match the zebra print ribbons, a black canvas bag with the same heat transfer material, a pink tulle tutu and a boutique style bow to match.  Want some close ups?  Why, I’m so glad you asked.  Here you go…

20131021_235552_resized20131021_235436_resized 20131021_235505_resized 20131021_235544_resized 20131021_235427_resized

I know, cute right?  I’m very proud of myself for this one.  Interested in making your own superhero costume?  Here are some tutorials to help you along the way.  YouTube to the rescue!

Smooth Heat Transfer Material 102 by Silhouette America

HOW TO: Make Tutus More Full and Fluffy by Just Add A Bow

HOW TO: Make a 5 Inch Boutique Stacked Hair Bow by Just Add A Bow

I know this project might not light up your bat signal, but hopefully it offers you at least a little inspiration for your Halloween costume.  With a little heat transfer, ribbon and tulle, almost anything is possible… unless you are a boy?  Whoops.  Oh well, thanks for joining us once again.  Be sure to subscribe your email so that you don’t miss any of our future posts, we have some special editions coming up soon!  Also, check us out on Facebook for our latest news!


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