Ready For Some Football?


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Good Morning and welcome to Football Sunday!  We are well into the football season now and a little overdue for some football L-O-V-E!  There are a lot of misconceptions out there that football is a man’s game.  I’m here to correct that mentality today!  It’s true that the sport of football is more popular among the male gender in terms of actual playing… but who puts in the real work?  That’s right… cheerleaders!  I know what you’re thinking… cheering on the sideline is nothing compared to body-slamming, shoulder-slamming, ruff and tuff football action.  HOWEVER, every team needs a cheering squad to get the fans all riled up and rooting for their team!  So that’s what I’m bringing to the table today, another fabulous way to stay in style while supporting your favorite team!  Check ’em out…


20131026_215425 20131026_215532 20131026_215553 20131026_215615 20131026_2154061

Now obviously these are not ALL the college teams, but here in our local area, these are pretty much the only ones that matter, and we take our football seriously, LOL.  These bows are good for more than just wearing on game day!  They make awesome party favors, gifts, decorations, etc.  My favorite is to make matching bows for my giftwrap.  Interested in making your own team bow?  Piece of cake.  Check out HOW TO: make a Boutique Stacked Bow Tutorial by Just Add A Bow on YouTube — she has a ton of great tutorials!  Once you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting a little here and there to create your own look and style.  Interested in buying instead of making?  We have an answer for that, too… check out the Hair Bows section of our Etsy shop!

Do you have any other ideas on how these hair bows can be repurposed?  What is your favorite sports team?  What unique ways do you like to celebrate your team?  Feel free to share with your crafting buddies by posting a comment below — we’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for stopping in today, we sure appreciate you!  Don’t forget you can subscribe your email to receive all of our wonderful posts delivered straight to your inbox!


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