Pumpkins Galore!


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Good Morning and Happy Halloween-eve-eve!  By now, we’re skipping over the Halloween décor and moving on to the most important part of Halloween.  No, not candy, although that is a very good point.  But today I’m talking about PUMPKINS!

From novice to professional, pumpkins are fun for everyone!  In today’s Halloween market, there are so many choices when it comes to pumpkins — carving kits, motorized carving saws, pre-designed stencils, carving alternatives such as painting, and the ultimate alternative… fake pumpkins!  Yes, fake pumpkins.  These fake pumpkins are like the best thing since sliced bread.  All the joy of pumpkin carving without the goop and mess of cleaning it out!

Now that doesn’t mean that these fake pumpkins don’t have their drawbacks.  I had a blast carving my fake pumpkin last night, but it was actually more difficult than a regular pumpkin to do the actual carving.  With real pumpkins, the live membrane of the pumpkin allows flexibility and give, where the fake pumpkins are made from a dry foam material.  I’m not sure it that will actually make sense until you try it out for yourself.  Anywho, the long and short of it is the foam material is dry and brittle, easily breaking off at the thinly carved areas.  But don’t despair… toothpicks to the rescue!  Here is the final project…

20131028_220434_resized 20131028_220445_resized

Not as glamorous as you imagined?  Yeah, me either.  The great thing about pumpkins is they always look better in the dark!  Check these out…

20131028_220220_resized 20131028_220301_resized

Well, it’s hard to take a photo of a lit pumpkin, lol.  But there you go!  Moral of the story: don’t get discouraged!  Need some tips on pumpkin carving/decorating?  Check out Spook Master‘s website.  They have everything from patterns (free and for purchase) and a ton of tips: Selecting a Pumpkin, Carving, Painting, Tips and Troubleshooting, etc.  Be sure to read the safety tips under “Be Careful” to ensure you and your little pumpkin survive this experience unharmed.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some real carved pumpkins…

3762_430385543690667_1292734378_n 156636_430385347024020_248729429_n

Once again, we hope you enjoyed today’s post, we sure did!  Be sure to share you pumpkin ideas and tips, we’d love you hear from you!  Be sure to stay tuned (or subscribe via email) for all of our upcoming Fall and Thanksgiving ideas!  Everyone have a safe Halloween!


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