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Good Morning, good morning!  Are you getting excited about the upcoming holidays?  I sure am.  I’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s all about the food for me, LOL.  But decorating is my second favorite thing about holidays, I just can’t ever find enough time to do enough of it!  Especially Thanksgiving, it seems to just sneak right up on me every year.  Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean, I know there are plenty of you out there who are in the same predicament!  So, being the kind and generous person I am, here are my top favorite Thanksgiving ideas that we can all squeeze in before the big Turkey Day arrives!

Before you start any serious décor planning, you need to think about your table settings.  This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving and this was the most intimidating part for me.  What goes where?  What all do I need?  Do I have enough silverware?  Will I have any room left on the table for decorations?  Well, Peggy Pardo at Decorating Files sure tackled this for us by posting Tabletop Tuesday: Easy Guide to a Proper Table Setting.  She offers varying place setting diagrams, describes what each item in the setting is AND even added some table setting tips for us uninformed hostesses!  Thanks, Peggy!


Before you get too crazy planning all these ideas for your table settings and décor, you absolutely must check out The Tomkat Studio with Kim Stoegbauer!  Her post for the Free Printable Thanksgiving Collection was sent to me this past week and I absolutely fell in love with the sheer beauty of her design.  And the best part?  She is offering FREE PRINTABLES so that you too can have such beautiful Thanksgiving decorations in your own home!  Thanks, Kim!

give thanks

Are you overwhelmed yet?  No?  Well check out these awesome ideas compiled at tatertots & jello!  Jen’s post on Great Ideas – 21 Thanksgiving DIY Ideas is just fabulous for finding inspiration on Thanksgiving crafts!  The only hard part about this is choosing which ideas you want to use!  Banners, kids crafts… you name it, she has it.  Thanks, Jen for being so fabulous!


Still up for more?  Hop on over to A Diamond in the Stuff and check out Courtney’s post on her {Give Thanks} Mantel!  It was love at first sight for me and how awesome of her to give us the how-to on making out own?  That’s double-awesome in my book.  Thanks, Courtney!


Ready to have some real fun?  Let’s head on over to the kid’s table with Linnette at Paper Glitter!  She is so super generous in offering her FREE Thanksgiving / Fall Kit and it is absolutely to die for!  I know someone who will have a reserved spot this year — ME!  Be sure you get these must-haves for the kiddos in your family!


Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the reason we are all gathering around the feast as Thanksgiving is celebrating all the things that we are thankful for.  Here is a fun activity that is sure to bring everyone together and be a cute décor item, too!  A Give Thanks Tree!  Whether you do it as a group or individually, read them out loud or reflect quietly, a Give Thanks Tree should be a must-have in every home!  Check out Aly at It Happened Like This and her absolutely fabulous Give Thanks Tree!  I am in awe at the simplistic beauty!  Will you be enjoying your Thanksgiving at a relative or friend’s house?  Be sure to think ahead and show your gratitude with a hostess gift, Aly has some great ideas for you in her Hostess Gift Ideas post!  Thanks, Aly!


And finally, to wrap it all up, Dos and Don’t to Survive Thanksgiving and Other Family Gatherings is a must read for all Mom’s on Thanksgiving.  I know I sure enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too!  All laughs brought to you by Mom Spark!

Now that you’ve been exposed to all these fabulous Thanksgiving ideas, what are you going to do first?  Plan you table, make a banner, put together your own Give Thanks tree?  Whatever you do, I’m sure it’ll be fabulous!  I know I have more than a few to-do items on my list to get my Thanksgiving in gear this weekend!  Hopefully I’ll be posting some after pictures if all turns out right.  If not, well, better luck next year!  Stay tuned!


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