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DIY New Year’s Eve Decorations


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Good Evening and I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!  We sure did and enjoyed our much needed break!  Thanks for being patient with us while we celebrate and regrouped!

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close.  Where does the time go?  It’s been  a whirlwind of excitement for us this year…  Between our new Etsy shop, Facebook page, and blog, it’s been absolutely crazy at times.  But we love every minute of it!  There is nothing more rewarding than to get to share your creations with others and (hopefully) inspiring some new projects along the way.

Today I’m working on a few decorations for a small get-together we’re having New Year’s Eve.  Nothing fancy, just family and a sleepover with the grandkids.  I went straight to Pinterest for some ideas… definitely my go-to when I’m lacking in the creativity department!  Man, can you say overload?  I do this every time, a simple search and  >bam<, information overload, lol.  From simple to extravagant, it’s all laid out there for your choosing.

My challenge this year is to use my supplies on hand because I have so much left over from Christmas crafts.  If you are a crafter, you know exactly what I’m talking about!  From ribbon to cardstock to wreaths and mesh and the list goes on and on.  While searching my various storage areas, I spotted some champagne flutes that were left over from a prior celebration.  I remembered a post on Pinterest where the flutes had been dressed up with glitter.  I don’t have any glass ones but I figured my plastic ones from my “stash” would work just as well.  So this was my starting point and also set the stage for my color scheme.

Photo 2 (2)     Photo 1

I decided to glitter only the base of my glass.  I used blue painter’s tape around the bottom of the stem.  The next step was to apply glue to the portion you want to glitter.  I had Minwax Polycrylic on hand but you could use craft glue, Mod Podge, or spray adhesive.

Photo 1 (2)     Photo 2 (4)     Photo 2 (3)

Photo 1 (3)

While my glue was still wet, I sprinkled my glitter to completely cover the entire surface.  Don’t worry about an even coating, just pour the glitter on in heaps and shake off what you don’t need.  Remember to lay down a newspaper or other collective material under your craft area to catch the excess glitter.  This way you can funnel the excess back into the container for future use.  I had Recollections glitter from Michaels.  The red is extra fine and the silver is tinsel glitter.  They both adhered nicely but the extra fine did create a smoother finish.  I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.

The final step was to remove the tape and set it aside to dry.  You could actually skip the tape all together but I like the clean line it gives the finished project.  Another option is to put a final coat of glue on top of the glitter to seal it.  I won’t be reusing mine so I skipped this step.

Photo 2 (5)

I was so happy with the results that I used the same technique on a candle and it turned out fabulous.  This is such an easy way to spruce up everyday items to get a more festive look, I hope you give it a try.  If you have a Silhouette (or other cutting machine) you could even cut a stencil design with any extra vinyl you have laying around.  (You would peel away the design to leave a negative, wrap the negative around the glass/candle, apply the glue and glitter, then remove the vinyl to reveal your design).

I have a few more ideas for our little celebration, check back on Tuesday and see what I’ve come up with.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  We’d love to hear what your family is doing to usher in 2014!

“Another” Wreath… Santa Style!


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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone got a chance to check out our fabulous Christmas tools!  What?  You didn’t?  That’s okay, there is plenty of time before Christmas to seek in a few cheerful messages (just check out Messages from Santa! — it’s worth the look!).  But back to today’s projects… that’s right, got two of them here for you!  If you’ve followed my blog for more than a few days, I’m sure you’ve seen by now that I love wreaths!  I feel like I have so many doors and so little time!  But wreaths are so much more than that, right?  Well, maybe not, but here are two more that can be more than just door hangers!

First, check out this festive little thing… can you see what it is?  That’s right, it’s a card holder! 


Now I’ll admit that this probably wouldn’t hold all the cards I have received at home, but it’s perfect for work!  So these are the cards all my lovely coworkers have sent to our department… cute!  My favorite part was how easy it was!  We wrapped a styrafoam wreath form in red chevron floral ribbon, slapped some paint on the clothes pins (fortunately, we had these left over from last year!), glued it all together with some hot glue and tied the pretty little bow.  Here’s a few close-ups. 




Then, check out this second wreath… it’s my new favorite (but don’t tell the other wreaths I said that!).




Oh, isn’t it just perfect?  Well, I’m not sure that any craft is perfect, LOL, but I could just stare at this one all day long.  It helps that I’m fascinated with burlap AND this is my first burlap wreath.  And again, can you say easy?  I watched a few videos on YouTube (my favorite resource) and BAM, call it done.  For the burlap, I used 3 yards or red burlap fabric and cut it into 4 even strips of “ribbon”.  If you can find real burlap ribbon in your color choice, that might be better, but it wasn’t too hard.  I didn’t have to measure or any of the hard stuff, just folded and cut, folded and cut.  For the wreath, it doesn’t have to be perfectly even, just the best you can do.  The form is just a standard metal wreath form and the belt is made from black grosgrain ribbon with a silver glitter cardstock buckle!  You don’t even need any pipe cleaners or wire, the burlap holds itself in place!  I love, love, love it!  You better believe I’ll be making another one after Christmas to ring in the New Year!

So what do you think?  Can you think of other cute ideas for wreaths?  Maybe you have a secret hatred for wreath making?  Don’t be a humbug!  Break out that creativity and fashion up a wreath just to your liking, you can always throw it out after Christmas if you want, LOL.  As always, thanks for checking us out and stay tuned for more crafty Christmas projects to come!

Messages from Santa!


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Good… evening, lol.  I hope it doesn’t bother anyone to get late posts on a Sunday, but this post was just too good to wait!  I have just been dying to share all these awesome Christmas tools I have been researching!  These are neat for anyone with children, grandchildren, or anyone who enjoys the holiday season and festivities!  Will start with the “simple” stuff first and work our way up…

{letters to Santa}

Mailing Santa a letter… this is a must-do for any child as soon as they learn to put pen to paper!  Not only does it help them get in the holiday spirit, it helps YOU for two reasons… #1 you have a keepsake that you can look at for years.  This year, our 7 year old put a few things on his list that cracked me up, my favorite being “grapes that dad can’t eat” LOL.  Guess he’s tired of sharing.  #2 you have a written list of gift ideas, so no more remembering what they pointed at on the TV or trying to figure out what it means when they describe it as “that one toy with the thing that makes that one noise…” yeah.  Good luck, lol.

Now, you can do this all on your own, OR you can use a printable letter template to brighten things up a little bit… I really liked the printable letters I found at Raining Hot Coupons.  These would be perfect to print out for your child to write their letter to Santa on, add that special little touch.  For children who are not quite able to write a complete letter, this form letter from Moo Moo’s & Tutus is super cute and easy, too!

{letters from Santa}

What’s a letter to Santa without receiving a Letter from Santa in return!  Here are a few websites that offer some free solutions to writing a letter to your child from Santa.  Easy Free Santa Letter  has some really neat letters that you can personalize with your child’s information (for free and for purchase, so be careful!).  I’ll admit, though, that their Magical Package looks pretty neat and comes with extras, such as the Nice List Certificate that matches the letter and a signed photo from Santa.  BUT, your child will be thrilled with a letter from Santa whether it comes with the extras or not.  Another website that I found (and used last year for my kiddos) is Free Letters From Santa Claus.  They have cute layouts to choose from, too, and they are ALL free!

Still can’t find a letter that suites your needs?  Don’t be afraid to create one yourself!  Need to include a special message?  Type it up using your word processor and add some cute clipart for pizzazz!  OR, don’t underestimate the hand written letter!  Anyone can type one up on the computer, but imagine receiving a special note from Santa!

{nice list certificate}

Are you like some of us that have children that can’t even convince themselves that they have been good, much less anyone else?  Ease their little minds with proof of their “Nice” status by mailing them a Nice List Certificate with their letter from Santa!  Most of the websites that provide Letters from Santa have optional purchases for Nice List Certificates.  BUT, did you know that Microsoft Word has certificate templates you can download?  Here is one I created in about 20 minutes (none of these images are mine, they were borrowed from Google Images search!)

Nice List Certificate

Is it perfect?  No, but it’s free and sometimes that’s all that matters.  Like I said about the letters, your child is going to be thrilled no matter what it looks like or how much you didn’t pay.

{North Pole postmark}

You can’t have a Santa Letter without a postmark from North Pole, Alaska!  Here you have a few options depending on how much time you have and ho curious your children are.

#1… you can send your letter through the USPS and they will postmark it for you.  This takes a little pre-planning and I’m pretty sure we have already missed the cut-off for this year.  Save it for next year, though, it would be cool to know it went all the way to the North Pole and back!  North Pole address (USPS postal instructions)

#2… you can buy a rubber stamp and stamp it on there yourself.  I have seen many on Etsy, but again it takes some planning to get it ordered and shipped.


#3… you can print one on the envelope yourself.  This can be tricky if you’re not experienced with printing envelopes, but with a little trial and error, I’m sure you can get it worked out.  To start with, find a postmark that you like from the North Pole (again, Google Images search here).

I did mine in three steps.  First, I printed my envelope addresses (return mail from Santa, addressed to my child at our address).  Second, I printed a stamp, cut it out by hand and glued it on the envelope, right where a real stamp would go.  Third, I ran the completed envelope back through the printer (after the glue on the stamp dried!).  This was the tricky part because I had to align the postmark to print OVER my stamp.  It turned out good, but it took me a few tries.  So basically, print out more fake stamps than you need so you’ll be prepared, lol.

Technically, you can add the address, stamp and postmark all at the same time to make it simpler, but it won’t be as “authentic” and… doing it that was is just too easy, lol!

Of course, if your child is young enough, you don’t have to worry about this small detail.  My kids are getting to the age where they’re trying to figure out if Santa is real, so the details count.  Last year they looked at me funny when I said I had mail from Santa because they check the mail every day before I get home (fake stamps can’t go in the mailbox).

{tools from the North Pole}

My new favorite site, Portable North Pole!  My personal favorite tool (FREE!) is the personalized video from Santa… for kids and adults!  I did one for my husband to test it out!  They also have tons of neat, personalized items that you can buy from their store, such as a Premium Christmas video, a personalized phone call from Santa, door hangers and coloring books… be sure to check it all out.

Another wonderful site…  They have special log-ins for children and adults that limits the type of information accessed.  Children’s activities include sending Santa a letter, read stories about Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, and an Elf Clubhouse with games!  One tool I got to check out in the Parent/Adult Log In is Catch Santa in YOUR Home!  You literally just upload a photo of your living room and crop Santa into it!  I’m saving mine to reveal on Christmas morning!

Santa photo

I haven’t tried this yet for myself, but I know Norad Santa Tracker is a classic and is on my list this year!


NORAD is a very fun and interactive website that is currently counting down to Christmas Eve Night when it’ll be time to track Santa’s trip around the world!  They also have awesome games, music and more!  This is a must see for the holiday festivities!

Elf Yourself is another favorite of mine, I use it to create multiple videos each year.

Elf Yourself

Your child (and your entire family!) will get such a laugh out of these videos.  We always laugh ourselves silly and can’t wait to do some more.  We even share them on Facebook, it’s such a hoot!  All you need is photos from your computer or Facebook, crop them down to fit, and this nifty little program does the rest of the work for you!  Definitely add this to your list, you won’t be disappointed!

Now can you see why I have been so excited to post these awesome websites?  I know that making the season as festive as possible for our kids is a high priority in my family and I’m sure your family will enjoy these, as well!  What will you do first?  A video?  A letter?  Oh, the excitement!  Ready… Set… Create!

“Another” Advent Calendar!


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Good Morning and Happy Friday!  As Christmas gets closer, the days just seem to fly by, don’t they?  Between shopping and decorating, gift wrapping, cooking, and even more shopping, it’s a constant count down to the “big day”.  But don’t let the daily rush drag you down!  Christmas is more than one day, it’s a whole season of joy and cheer!  I really enjoy all things that add to the excitement of the season, especially when there are little ones in the house.  This is just one more way of building up to the big day!  I’ve been seeing Advent Calendars everywhere these days but I wanted to share this one with you that’s just a little bit different… in a good way!

It all started with an old frame I found in a closet (that happens to everyone, right?).  Add in a can of red spray paint and a little sandpaper for distressing and it was good to go.  Next up, I made a burlap poinsettia.  (I know, two holiday favorites together!)  It consists of nothing more than cutting leaf shapes out of burlap, adding red glitter glue to the edges, and a floral pick.  I hot glued all the pieces onto a circle shape cut out of burlap and hot glued it to the frame (can you tell hot glue is my best friend these days?!).   For a final though, the clothespins holding the pockets are clipped onto jute twine with the twine attached to the back of the frame.



Photo 2 (2)2

Photo 1 (3)

I know you’re thinking… so what’s different about this one?  I’m getting there, so stop rushing me!  😉  For the pockets, I actually used a December daily file by Lori Whitlock I found on the Silhouette Online Store.  Inside each pocket, I inserted a card with a “hint” on somewhere in the house that I have hidden a goodie!  So each day, they have a new “hint” and a new goodie to find!   How fun is that!  The hints can be simple or more challenging depending on the age of the child.  On at least one occasion, our Elf on the Shelf, Jingle, was caught trying to peek in one of the pockets.  Needless to say, that sent the household into a tizzy!  I’ll have to share some of Jingle’s antics later, he’s one mischievous little elf.

Photo 1 (10)

I hope you enjoyed this version of “Another” Advent Calendar!  Don’t worry if you’ve gotten behind with all the hustle and bustle of the season, go ahead and start one now!  They really are a lot of fun and the kids don’t care if it’s 25 days or just 12 (or 3?  LOL).  Seeing the excitement in their eyes makes it all worthwhile.  As I’m soon realizing, these days of sweet innocence don’t last forever, so take advantage of it while you can!

Speaking of sweet and innocent, Sunday’s post is an absolute MUST READ for anyone with children, grandchildren, neighbors… heck, even just friends, LOL.  I have a list of my favorite Christmas Cheer resources to pass along!  Stay tuned!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


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That’s right!  You can see the Christmas spirit all around my house (yippie!).  With Christmas right around the corner, we decided the crank up the Christmas tunes, bring out the good ole tree and get to decorating!  This year I have been in LOVE with chevron and burlap, so what better time to combine them than Christmas?  I can’t take credit for all my decorations, but I can point you in the right direction!  All the lovely ladies I work with are absolutely fabulous and should definitely be on your list for next year (or this year, it might not be too late!).

{the wreath}

It all began with the wreath, lol.  A lovely friend of mine, owner of Snazzie Frills, always has amazing wreaths.  When she posted this one, I knew it was love at first sight!  This very wreath is what started my chevron and burlap themed Christmas, and of course I had to get the matching banner, too!  Love them both.  The banner is made using that awesome new chalkboard fabric, so you can write a little Christmas message right on your banner and change it every day if you want!  That’s too much work for me, but wonderful idea all the same!  Stop by her page and show her some love, you won’t be disappointed!




{the tree}

Now I’ll admit, I was a bit horrified when I plugged in my tree this year and :: bam :: multicolored lights are shining bright.  I had completely forgotten (no offense if you like multicolored lights, they’re just not my thing).  So, since I have such a wonderful husband, he dashed out to the store to pick me up some white globe lights and saved the day!  So, yes, my tree has white lights, just like I always wanted, lol.


I was fortunate to stumble across a fabulous local business by the name of Cherry Barn Originals that hooked me up with a fabulous tree skirt in burlap and chevron.  (she also does fabulous clothing, check her out!).


Isn’t it just amazing?!?  I am just in awe every time I look at it.  She also hooked me up with matching stockings for the family, but we’ll get to that in a moment.  So with this fabulous tree skirt, the pressure was on for me to really do it up good for the tree… so what better than matching tree streamers?  Check them out, I was quite impressed with myself…



20131208_214631_resized_1     20131208_214647_resized

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I actually recycled the burlap chair sashes I had for Thanksgiving!  It may be difficult to see, but I have a layer of bunched burlap on the bottom and red chevron ribbon on the top.  Together, they look awesome with the red ornaments to set them off.  I just bunched up a burlap bow on top and ta-da.

{the stockings}

I was really torn over my stockings this year because… WE DIDN”T HAVE ANY!  What kind of mother doesn’t have stockings for her family?  Well, this is our first Christmas as a family, so I guess I will cut myself some slack, but geez, I was horrified (again!).  It’s been a traumatic series of events here, lol.  But now, with this fabulous tree skirt on the way, I just HAVE to have matching stockings!  Luckily, my girl Jennifer (Cherry Barn Originals) hooked me up (again!) with coordinating stockings!  They are all different, but the same, you know?  I call them awesome!  We also have a sweet little Baby’s First Christmas stocking snuggled right in the middle.  Best. Stockings. Ever.



I didn’t want burlap actually on the stockings.  The only thing consistent about my decorating is that it always changes.  So instead, I just tucked some burlap in there with my stocking hangers and I love how it turned out.  So simple.  As you can see, we decided to hang ours on the window sill this year, right next to our tree.  They look so cute together.

{the snowman}

This next idea was shared to me by a good friend I work with and it was just too cute not to steal!  Now, the original snowman idea was made with a full-sized tree, but I decided to go with a little skinny-mini tree so that it would fit in my dining room and am SO happy with how it turned out!  The eyes, mouth and buttons are all made out of coal (aka Christmas ornaments), the scarf is chevron ribbon, the hat was pre-made in the children’s Christmas craft area, the carrot nose is rolled up orange cardstock and the arms are recycled twigs from my Give Thanks tree from Thanksgiving!  It was super easy and is now my kid’s favorite tree in the house, lol.

20131208_221309_resized     20131208_221253_resized

{the countdown}

And last but not least, what Christmas décor is complete without a Countdown to Christmas?  This project is another recycle from Thanksgiving!  I used that wonderful chalkboard paint (the spray can variety), covered a piece of poster board with it, slapped it in the frame and called it done.  For this project, I added a little burlap, changed up the message and it’s a great addition to our home.  The kid’s think it’s really fun, too — between the countdown and the snowman, this is their favorite corner of the house, lol.




So are we ready for Christmas or what?  I love the fact that just walking through my house lifts my Christmas spirit!  I can’t wait to get back on Pinterest and find some more great ideas to add to our home.  Who says Christmas is only for kids?  Not me, but I do try to include them in everything I can.  They’re not much for decorating, but they’ll sing Christmas songs and eat cookies with me, and that’s what I call good company.  That’s what I love about each and every one of these projects… they may not be magazine worthy or be featured on blogs around the world, but I have real projects for real people and families.  Let’s face it, with kids in the house, it’s hard to get anything done, much less a perfect Christmas mantel.  I don’t even have a mantel, lol.

Thanks for joining us again today, we’ll have more Christmas fun for you right around the corner.  Remember, only 15 days left until the big day!

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DIY Countdown to Christmas Refrigerator Style AND GIVE-A-WAY


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Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I know we are all so very excited to start another week… and be another week closer to Christmas!  Today we bring you an extra special post, another wonderful compilation from our Silhouette Challenge Group, YAY, so check our other blog buddies and check out their very talented projects too!  ALSO, we have an awesome give-a-way for you to participate in, too… for a $155 Amazon Gift Card!  Double YAY!

So… I went out on a limb and bought some printable magnet sheets.  I have seen so many cute projects made with them and just had to join the party.  One of the ideas I’ve seen while browsing Pinterest is a perpetual calendar.  Unfortunately, that won’t work at my house, lol.  We have a rather large calendar so that my husband and I can scribble all over it all month long (it’s the only way we can remember where we’re supposed to be!).  So, I decided to attempt this Countdown to Christmas calendar for my grandchildren to enjoy when they come to visit.  I love the fact that I can place it on the lower half of the door, right at their eye level since they are small.  With them, it’s not about getting a treat everyday because they get tons of treats here…  it is Granny’s house after all!  They get a bigger kick out of playing with the magnets and rearranging all of them so I can straighten them back up every night.  What else does a Granny have to do anyway?

Getting back to the project, I love how it turned out.  It has to be the easiest and quickest project I’ve ever made.  Being the lucky woman I am, I made this one using my Silhouette cutting machine, but you really can do this without one.  The only supplies you HAVE to have are the magnet sheets, a printer, and a pair of scissors.  I  used some clipart I already had on my computer, uploading each design to my library in the Silhouette Studio, filled each shape with the color of my choice, printed them onto the magnet sheet, and cut them out with my Silhouette.  It really was just that easy.  If you don’t have a silhouette, you can just choose or download some clipart of your choice, print them on the magnet paper and cut them out by hand.  Here’s the finished product…

Photo 2 (2)I did create a few extra magnets to be swapped out with the numbers when special events arise.  They’re just a few fun activities that would be so much fun to add to the calendar.  Okay, okay, then I cut a few more shapes, like the peppermint and the reindeer because it was just so darn cute and fun.  In fact, I’ve had so much fun with this project, I’m thinking of doing it for every month!

Photo 2 (4)Photo 1 (7)

Here’s a list of the files I used in case you might want to use them on a project of your own.

Silhouette Online Store:  Advent numbers, Reindeer, Stocking and Christmas tree sentiment Santa, December and Peppermint

Can you think of all the other fun holiday months that we could use this for… Valentine’s Day!  St. Patrick’s Day!  Forth of July!  I love me some holidays, any reason to celebrate!  You can even make custom magnets for your family birthdays!  How cute!

Ready to check out more Silhouette projects?  My Silhouette Challenge buddies and I are all sharing projects on our blogs today, so peruse the projects below for a wealth of inspiration!


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Do you have a Silhouette machine?  Looking for Silhouette inspiration, support, trouble-shooting? Interested in joining us for our group posting event next month? Then, we’d love to have you join our Silhouette Challenge Facebook group. To join, simply fill out the new member request form, and Lauren from The Thinking Closet will get you squared away.

And now the part everyone has been waiting for… the $155 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


Here are some important facts to know…

Giveaway runs from Monday, December 9th – Monday, December 16th at 11:59p eastern.

  • Giveaway is open to anyone 18 years of age and older, and this is an international-friendly giveaway!
  • 31 different bloggers from our Silhouette Challenge FB Group made this giveaway possible, which means…
  • There are 31 different potential entries per person!  That’s a lot of potential winning power.
  • Giveaway prize = an Amazon Gift Card for $155 toward a Silhouette machine or supplies on their wish list…but in truth, can be spent on anything the winner’s heart desires!  Bonus.
  • The winner will be contacted by Lauren from The Thinking Closet by email and will have 48 hours to respond; so, everyone should watch their spam folders.

So… without further delay, just click here to enter the give-a-way!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once again, thank you for joining us today and we sure hope you find some crafty inspiration for your holiday projects!

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DIY Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree


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Good Afternoon and TGIF!  As promised, we are starting out CHRISTMAS projects — whoot whoot!  Today we bring you a fun and simple craft… a Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree!  If you like burlap half as much as I do, you will like these little trees, I promise!Photo 1 (8)As most of you know, burlap is so popular right now and I love the look it gives home decor items.  One of the best things about it’s popularity is that it comes in SO may colors and patterns!  For Christmas, I chose to go with this beautiful bright red.  This little tree is so cute and goes perfect with my or soon to be Christmas décor!  You’ll definitely see burlap as a trend in my house this season.


Burlap in your color choice, 1/4 yard

Hot glue gun (and glue sticks)

Cone (I used a green styrofoam one)

Scissors (careful, burlap can be rough on your good fabric/paper ones!)

Star for top of tree (optional)

My first step was to get a clean, straight edge on my burlap.  The easiest way I have found is to find a thread near the edge of your piece of burlap and pull it all the way out.  This gives you a line to cut and helps keep your burlap from unraveling.

Photo 1 (9)

Photo 2 (5)

Next I cut some strips.  I counted 12 threads from the edge, pulled the 12th thread all the way out and cut my strip.  I then pulled 4 threads from the edge to create the fringe.  I made a total of 4 strips that were 44″ long.  Starting at the bottom of the cone, glue the edge of the first strip.  Then wrap it all the way around and cut it to size; glued that end.  I let my fringe hang off the bottom but you could make yours flush if you prefer.Photo 3 (5)

The next piece of ribbon is attached at a slight angle so that it lays smooth as you circle it up the shape of the cone.

Photo 4 (2)

Continue wrapping up and around and around and around… and glue the end of your strip.

Photo 5 (2)Pick up with your next strip, gluing the end (of course) and keep wrapping around until you reach the top of your cone.  BEFORE you get all the way to the top, look at what type of end your cone has.  My cone had a flat top, so I cut a square piece of burlap and attached it to the top and then finished wrapping and gluing the final end.  I added a glittered star (dollar store special!) and tied a bow on it with one of the threads I pulled from the burlap (Yay recycling!).  And ta-da!

Photo 1 (8)

I left my burlap tree as is, which some (not me) may consider plain.  When you make your own, think about how you want to dress yours up.  Will you make a cute little garland wrap?  Add some ribbon?  Ornaments?  Snow?  Get some different sized cones and make a stacked set!  That’s what’s so great about these little projects, you can always add your own touch!

See?  I told you that you would love them, and aren’t they so easy?  Just try to control yourself with the burlap… once you start working with it, you’ll start thinking of how wonderful it would look all over your house!  Oh, what the heck, just go crazy with it, LOL!  Stay tuned for more Christmas goodies right around the corner and don’t forget to subscribe that email to get all our projects straight to your inbox.  It’s like unwrapping a present each time you get one (okay, not really, but still a lot of fun!).

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Easy-Peasy Gift Tag using Print & Cut on the Silhouette


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Good morning and Happy Hump Day!  I’m here today to share a quick post on my first Christmas project of the season.  I was lucky enough to get in on a tag swap with a very fun and talented group of crafters.  The instructions were to make any type of tag but I decided to get a jump start on the holiday and go with a Christmas gift tag.  I needed to make 21 tags so to keep it simple, I went with the print & cut feature on my Silhouette instead of cutting each piece separately.   That’s what I call easy-peasy.

Photo 1 (3)

I started with a simple tag cut out of kraft cardstock and then added my red ribbon at the top tied with jute string and a faux bow on the side.  Just to add some interest, I layered my sentiment on top of a piece of burlap.  The sentiment and the tree came from the Silhouette Online Store.  I filled them with color and patterns and then used the offset feature to create a white border.  I cut my star out of white glittered cardstock  and used foam squares under the tree to add some dimension.  Finally, I added some glossy accents to the holly berries.  It just doesn’t get any easier than this.  I hope this inspires you to get started on your holiday projects and be sure to come back and see the other projects we have planned.

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Thanksgiving Recap


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Happy Tuesday and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I know it’s a little late, but I just couldn’t pass up the chance to share all my Thanksgiving crafts I worked on last week for my big premier.  This is the first year that we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house, thus also being the first year I have actually decorated for the event!  As many of you know (by reading my About page), I married into a lovely pre-made family and added my own little addition (aka my spoiled-rotten one year old!).  So prior to that, I didn’t decorate, and last year I was huge and miserable so any efforts went right out the window, lol.  So… this was a big year for me.  I made a huge long list of all the decorations I wanted to make and shopped my little heart out to find all the little things I needed.  (Here is the part where I wake up from that dream and come back to reality).  Of course I got everything done and had the perfect Thanksgiving, right?  Not.  So I thought I would level with you guys and share with you my dream, then what actually happened in real life.

Step one… preparations.  I have a 6-person table… and 14 adults coming for Thanksgiving.  Where are they all going to sit?  Better yet, how am I going to feed them since I only have 8 plates?  Que the folding tables and table cloths, then take a trip to Party City for their “premier” plates, silverware and glasses.  They cost a small fortune, but it was cheaper than buying real plates and still looked good on the table.



Step two… table runners and chair sashes.  I’ll admit that the table runner was actually pretty easy, since all I did was cut some burlap and tie it off at the ends.  I recommend this method to anyone, it was really a piece of cake.  The chair sashes were a different story, I had to tie them at the bottom of the chair and squeeze, pull and tug them up to the top so they would stay up.  They looked good until everyone sat down anyways, lol.  Then they just fell, but oh well.  They had their fifteen minutes of fame.



Step three… napkins.  I wanted to add a touch of color to my burlap, so I naturally chose orange chevron (love!).  I have been taking a welcome-to-sewing class on the weekends and bravely thought I could make my own napkins.  After three days of trying, I finally got it all figured out Thanksgiving morning.  Shew, close call.

Step four… Give Thanks sign and tree.  These were my favorite projects this year.  I bought a mason jar and dressed it up with burlap and orange chevron.  I bought the twigs from the craft store to ensure they were bug-free (lol).  Ones from your yard would work just as well, though.  I’ll admit that my mom made those cute leaf tags for me and they were amazing!  Now get ready for the sign… it’s actually a piece of posterboard spray painted with chalkboard paint and taped to the inside of the frame.  Whammo, instant chalkboard sign.  I will say that I had to write on the chalkboard prior to taping it in the frame.  The “Give” banner is just burlap and fabric paint (used a stencil to sponge it on there).




So with all that, let’s cover all the things I missed:  real-sized banner with burlap, orange chevron and white muslin fabric (it was beautiful in my head!).  Wrapped silverware with tags.  A wreath for the front door (luckily I had bought a grapevine wreath and threw it up at the last minute).  Centerpiece for the table (I couldn’t find small pumpkins!).  Orange chevron bows for the ends of my table runners AND to add accent to my burlap chair sashes.  Hanging my photo collage (we’ve only lived here for a year for crying out loud!).  We did have an awesome Kid’s Table, though!



As Thanksgiving feast was being served, I looked around my house, finding fault in all the things that I didn’t have time to do (procrastinators unite!).  In the middle of the chaos, I had a heart-felt moment when I realized that my family didn’t care about the decorations.  They didn’t care that I didn’t have a banner or a pretty wreath or any photos hanging on our empty walls.  I recognized that they were just happy to be gathered together to spend time with family.  I quickly swiped a tear from my eye and realized another truth… they probably just came for the free food and wine (LOL!).

So I’ll pack these decorations and supplies away and bring them all out again next year, maybe I’ll get a few more items done.  If you’re still reading my blog ten years from now, maybe you’ll get to see all the wonderful ideas I had stored away in this disaster of a brain and think back to this very first post and all the things we all meant to do but ran out of time.  Moral of the story… do what you can, when you can, and in the end, everything else will come together.

Stay tuned as we switch gears into full Christmas mode… see you Friday!

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