DIY Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree


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Good Afternoon and TGIF!  As promised, we are starting out CHRISTMAS projects — whoot whoot!  Today we bring you a fun and simple craft… a Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree!  If you like burlap half as much as I do, you will like these little trees, I promise!Photo 1 (8)As most of you know, burlap is so popular right now and I love the look it gives home decor items.  One of the best things about it’s popularity is that it comes in SO may colors and patterns!  For Christmas, I chose to go with this beautiful bright red.  This little tree is so cute and goes perfect with my or soon to be Christmas décor!  You’ll definitely see burlap as a trend in my house this season.


Burlap in your color choice, 1/4 yard

Hot glue gun (and glue sticks)

Cone (I used a green styrofoam one)

Scissors (careful, burlap can be rough on your good fabric/paper ones!)

Star for top of tree (optional)

My first step was to get a clean, straight edge on my burlap.  The easiest way I have found is to find a thread near the edge of your piece of burlap and pull it all the way out.  This gives you a line to cut and helps keep your burlap from unraveling.

Photo 1 (9)

Photo 2 (5)

Next I cut some strips.  I counted 12 threads from the edge, pulled the 12th thread all the way out and cut my strip.  I then pulled 4 threads from the edge to create the fringe.  I made a total of 4 strips that were 44″ long.  Starting at the bottom of the cone, glue the edge of the first strip.  Then wrap it all the way around and cut it to size; glued that end.  I let my fringe hang off the bottom but you could make yours flush if you prefer.Photo 3 (5)

The next piece of ribbon is attached at a slight angle so that it lays smooth as you circle it up the shape of the cone.

Photo 4 (2)

Continue wrapping up and around and around and around… and glue the end of your strip.

Photo 5 (2)Pick up with your next strip, gluing the end (of course) and keep wrapping around until you reach the top of your cone.  BEFORE you get all the way to the top, look at what type of end your cone has.  My cone had a flat top, so I cut a square piece of burlap and attached it to the top and then finished wrapping and gluing the final end.  I added a glittered star (dollar store special!) and tied a bow on it with one of the threads I pulled from the burlap (Yay recycling!).  And ta-da!

Photo 1 (8)

I left my burlap tree as is, which some (not me) may consider plain.  When you make your own, think about how you want to dress yours up.  Will you make a cute little garland wrap?  Add some ribbon?  Ornaments?  Snow?  Get some different sized cones and make a stacked set!  That’s what’s so great about these little projects, you can always add your own touch!

See?  I told you that you would love them, and aren’t they so easy?  Just try to control yourself with the burlap… once you start working with it, you’ll start thinking of how wonderful it would look all over your house!  Oh, what the heck, just go crazy with it, LOL!  Stay tuned for more Christmas goodies right around the corner and don’t forget to subscribe that email to get all our projects straight to your inbox.  It’s like unwrapping a present each time you get one (okay, not really, but still a lot of fun!).

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