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UNO! 1st Birthday Party


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Hello all you fabulous readers!  I have another special treat for you today… we have been featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams!  {EEK!}  We are so super excited and thrilled to be featured on such an amazing blog!  If you haven’t checked them out before, you absolutely must hop on over there now!  I guarantee you will find some party inspiration!  Today, they are featuring our…

Uno Party

I’ll be posting more about this party within the next few weeks, but you can get a sneak-peek at Spaceships and Laser Beams!  Hope you enjoy!

Also, don’t forget about our awesome give-a-way going on through tomorrow!  Bounce back to Silhouette Cameo {GIVE-A-WAY} to enter!


Silhouette Cameo {GIVE-A-WAY}


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!

Good Morning and HAPPY MONDAY!  In my several months of blogging (I say that like it has been years, LOL) I have to admit that today is my FAVORITE. BLOG POST. EVER.

A Silhouette Cameo {GIVE-A-WAY}!


I don’t know if anyone knows our history with crafting, but our big kick-off was when my fabulous partner-in-crime and Mother (Glenna) won a Silhouette in a give-a-way.  I mean, she never wins anything!  Then {BAM} she hits the jackpot!  We had no idea what we were getting in to, but it was the best thing that ever happened in the history of crafting.  Just saying.  So, with that little history lesson, you can imagine how excited I am to be part of a Silhouette Cameo give-a-way!  With a collaboration of a few other fabulous bloggers, I get to help bestow such a blessing on another crafty-soul, lol.  Be sure to check out all the wonderful bloggers who helped to make this Give-A-Way possible!

What is a Silhouette Cameo, you ask?  My instinctual answer is “God’s gift to crafters”, LOL.  But really, it’s an electronic cutting machine that works with you computer to create designs, then cut them out using various media.  Many crafters are more familiar with a Cricut, and a Silhouette is the same basic concept, without the need to purchase cartridges!  So what could you do with an electronic cutting machine… EVERYTHING!

  • Paper crafting, such as scrapbooking and card making (imagine not having to buy embellishments!)
  • Vinyl (for home decorating, customize mugs and glasses, create stencils for painting crafts)
  • Heat transfer material (customize apparel, add accents to your pillows or bedding, Halloween costumes!)
  • Glass etching (for your favorite wine glass!)
  • Stamps (create custom stamps with their easy to follow starter kit!)
  • Print temporary tattoos (how awesome is that?)
  • Sketch designs using sketch pens!
  • Printable canvas!  Printable sticker paper!  Printable foil!  Tons of custom media!
  • So, SO much more!

Maybe you already have a Cricut and want to know what the difference is?  Maybe you don’t have either, but are interested in making a purchase in the future?  Maybe you are just nosey?  Whatever your reason, I won’t do a full comparison, because it’s already been done and I don’t like to re-invent the wheel, but I highly recommend these blog posts.  I really enjoyed reading Silhouette Cameo vs. Cricut Expression Review at Lorrie’s Story, as she transitioned from a Cricut to a Silhouette machine.  Also, Craftaholics Anonymous post on Silhouette vs. Cricut is very informative because it offers feedback from actual Facebook crafters.

So with all that useful information, I know you are just dying to enter this Give-A-Way for a chance to win a free Silhouette Cameo!  I mean, what’s better than free?  Already have a Cameo?  Win one for a friend!  You know what they say… Friends don’t let friends craft without a Silhouette!  It’s easy…



{DIY} Valentine


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Valentine Header

Happy Friday!  Today we just have a real quick and easy project, a handmade felt envelope to hold a special note for your Valentine ❤ Awww, how sweet.  I promise it’s super easy and can be done with or without a sewing machine.  Let’s take a look…




Hot glue gun (I prefer low temp!)
Red and white felt (or desired colors)
 Sewing machine (OR needle & thread)

Once you have your supplies gathered, follow these simple step-by-step directions:

  • Cut your red felt sheet in half, long-ways.  I like to fold mine in the middle and then use the fold for a guide to cut straight.
  • Fold your felt into thirds, such as you would a letter to place in an envelope.  I just used my best judgment by sight.  Also, if you already have a special gift in mind, go ahead and size it for a guide on how large to make your pocket.


  • Once you have your pocket size, thread it with a few sewing pins to keep it in place.  This is where you  break out your sewing machine.
  • Make sure your machine is threaded with your desired thread color.  Adjust your settings as desired, I used a zigzag line.
  • Again, use your judgment for where to sew your line.  I left plenty of room on each side, and at the top and bottoms.  Once sewn, tie off your ends, as usual.
  • To cut the top fold of the envelope, fold your felt envelope again, long-ways, with your pocket facing out (this way, each side will be even).  Start with a slightly rounded side piece, move in towards the middle at an angle, then round off the tip.


  • Now, apply your Velcro (usually self-adhesive; if not, hot glue works well).  I prefer to leave the pieces attached to one another, place one side on the tip of the envelope, then fold it closed.  This will show you where you want the other half to stick.
  • The white felt heart was cut freehanded.  Just remember to fold your felt in half and cut on the fold (like we did with the envelope), this makes each side even.  The heart is attached with hot glue.

So, here is our finished project:

20140120_171809_resized_1 20140120_171749_resized 20140120_171743_resized

Obviously, only using half a sheet of felt, this little envelope is rather small.  Feel free to experiment with larger envelopes, felt is available by the yard in the fabric area of your local craft store!  Can you think of all the neat surprises you can hide in this little cutie?  Love notes… candies… spiders (eek!).  Okay, leave out the spiders, but these envelopes can be used anytime!  Write love notes to your kids and stick it in their lunch box.  Leave a message from the Tooth Fairy next time your child looses a tooth!

What great ideas do you have?

We’d love for you to share with us sometime!  Hit us up on Facebook, email, or send us your favorite project on Pinterest!  Want a tutorial?  We can’t really guarantee anything (lol) but we will try!

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DIY Sweetheart Glass Block Tutorial {with FREE CUT FILE}


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Good Morning and thank you for joining us for another {AMAZING} project today!  We have a special surprise for you today… We’re guest posting for Heather Boney at The Frill of Life!  Be sure to hop on over to her blog to see all the {AMAZING} projects she has going on!  As blog-buddies in the Silhouette Challenge Group, I know she brings a wealth of inspiration to all her readers!

The Frill of Life

Ready to get in the mood for a little romance?  If you’re anything like me, Valentine’s Day is one of those holiday’s that seems to sneak up out of nowhere.  So, let’s check out a super cute Valentine’s Day project to spark some inspiration!

Introducing my first glass block craft…


Isn’t it {BEAUTIFUL}!  I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  Crafting and candy?  That’s a win-win for me, LOL.  I put together a brief tutorial on how I created this Valentine’s beauty {AND} included the link to download the vinyl cut file put together by yours truly!


First, here are the supplies you will need…

  • Glass block
  • Six bags of Sweetheart candy conversation hearts
  • Ribbon
  • Vinyl*
  • LOVE Cut File

*If an electronic cutting machine is unavailable to you, don’t despair!  Just grab some craft paint (and stencil, if needed) and create your own design!


  1. First, cut and apply your vinyl design to your glass block.  I find it’s easier to line up the design with the block still empty.  You can download the LOVE Cut File for Silhouette Studio, if desired.
  2. Turn the block upside-down, fill with approximately six bags of conversation hearts (I used Sweetheart brand).  For the last few candy pieces, insert the large bottom stopper and continue to fill through the smaller opening.  You may have to shuffle pieces around to accommodate the space needed by the stoppers.
  3. Once filled, stretch out a length of ribbon, placing the glass block on top.  You should be able to adjust your ribbon by sliding it back and forth beneath the block.  Pull tight and tie a bow.  If using a sheer ribbon as I did, you may want to layer the ribbon a few times around the block for greater contrast.

And {TA-DA}, project complete!  How did yours turn out?  I’m sure it’s {BEAUTIFUL}!  Not only are these cute décor items to display for Valentine’s Day, these make wonderful gifts!  And with the simplicity of this project, I can think of plenty of people that would {LOVE} to receive one of these beauties!

What other designs can you think of for glass blocks?  Filled with {KISSES}?  Chocolate {HEARTS}?  Flower petals?  I’m excited to hear what everyone comes up with!  I’m sure Heather would too, so don’t forget about stopping by The Frill of Life and showing her some bloggy-love!

I have a lot of happenings going on in the next week {cough, cough… give-a-way… cough, cough), so be sure to check back frequently!  OR better yet, subscribe via email OR BlogLovin’ to get all my latest and greatest posts delivered to you!

{CUTE} Burlap Memory Jar!


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Good Morning and Happy {SHORT} week to everyone who enjoyed the holiday yesterday!  Today, let’s take a walk down memory lane together…

Burlap Memory Jar

When you get to be my age (we’ll just say I’m 29… again, lol), long ago memories seem to slip through the cracks.  Oh sure, I remember taking the kids to Disney World, the first ballet recital, the first home run.  But think about all the everyday moments we take for granted…  the twinkle in their eyes and the excitement in their voice telling you about their first day of school…  how they had lettuce, meat, and some kind of shell for lunch and realizing they’ve never seen a taco before (!)…  talking to them about being old and they pat you on the arm and innocently look up at you and say, “You’re not old, you just look old”…  And you think to yourself how you’ll never forget this moment.  {SIGH}

Then as time goes by, one by one, those cherished memories fade away.  I tell my daughter this all the time, to write down these moments, but I don’t think she really believes me, lol.  When I saw memory jars popping up on different blogs and Pinterest, I knew this was the answer for me!  Not only to open it up and read them once a year, but to document all those memories that I know will be lost.  Thankfully, I have four grandchildren so I get a second chance to preserve these memories that with all the hustle and bustle of raising my children, I didn’t think to do.


I kept my jar simple, decorating it just enough to sit on the kitchen island, which keeps it easily accessible.  I have my pen and small slips of paper handy!  After I’ve documented all those little moments, I’ll simple roll my papers up and place them in my jar to be relived over and over and over.  Can’t you just see me smiling with fond memories?

For my jar, I used black iron-on vinyl to cut my design on my Silhouette and ironed it onto a scrap piece of burlap.  I was actually surprised that this intricate cut adhered so well.  I hot glued the burlap around the center of my mason jar, wrapped jute twine around the ring and added a little bow just for fun.


I hope all you Mothers and Grandmothers are finding a way to help preserve your precious memories.  A memory jar might not work for you, but be sure and find what does.  I promise, you’ll be so thankful you did… when you don’t just “look old”, you are old (LOL)!

Can you think of other uses for a Memory Jar?  How about Scrapbook journaling!  Be sure to share your project inspiration with us, we’d love to have your feedback!

Thanks for joining us again for this simple, but cute project today!  Be sure to check back later in the week for some inspiration for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Craft Room ENVY: favorite finds & designs


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Craft Room Header

Good Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!  Thanks for stopping in today, I plan to make it worth your while!  January is such a huge month for {ORGANIZATION}, it has me absolutely craving for my own crafting room (a girl can dream…).  So, today I wanted to show you my favorite craft room finds and hopefully add some inspiration for you to create and organize in your own craft space, whether it is a room or a closet.  So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to drool…

My absolutely ideal craft room layout is the first one on my list.  It’s brought to us from Beckie at Infarrantly Creative.  I am in {LOVE} with all the open space AND the hidden storage areas.  You absolutely have to hop on over and check out all the great photos and inspiration in her Craft Room Reveal post.


Another favorite of mine was created and designed by Karen from Sew Many Ways!  What I love the most about her craft room is all the unique storage ideas!  I would have never thought of using a slinkie or an old fashioned ruler as a picture holder!  Be sure to check out her post on Sewing and Craft Room Ideas and Updates.

main pic sewing craft room ideas_0639

Third on the list but definitely not shy is Heather Bailey!  I am just delighted with her beautiful use of colors in her fabulous studio!  They just jump out and scream {CREATE}!  Love it!  Another must-see, just pop on over to her blog post The Studio for more photos and creativity!


With all those beautiful layouts, I also wanted to address the basics in my ideal concept, so I stopped in to see Sandra at Sawdust Girl.  She has a fabulous post with an uncluttered look at what a solid and beautiful craft room should look like!  Check out the drawers under the island work area… genius!  Be sure to check out her Craft Room with build-ins galore! post for more photos, just try not to drool on your keyboard!


And last but not least!… Lolly Jane!  What a wonderful mix of modern and vintage, I just would die for this much style in a craft room!  One of my favorite aspects is the pattern behind the bookcase!  Be sure to check it all out {and so much more!} in their Herringbone bookcase | Craft room makeover post!


Wow, can you believe all that inspiration?  I certainly wish I had that much creativity!  Now that I have a list of my must-haves in a craft room, I just need a room, lol!  What would you do if you could create your own space?  Bright colors or soothing pastels?  Hidden storage or open access?

Thanks again for stopping in today, hope we offered you some creative inspiration!  Be sure to check back soon for some neat Valentine’s Day crafts!

Celebrating Home!


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Celebrating Home2

Good Morning and welcome to another fabulous day on our journey!  I don’t know about you, but one of my projects this year is to redecorate my kitchen… so I thought I would share with you my new design!  My good friend Tracie is a Celebrating Home representative, so I always check out their home décor items {because they are awesome!}.  Allow me to show you what words cannot describe…

Introducing… the Hootie and Happiness Collection from Celebrating Home!

Hootie and Happiness Snack Plates - Set of 4.

Are these not the cutest plates you have ever seen?  I know the owl fad has been around for a little while now, but it never really caught my attention… until now.  Not only are the owls just adorable, but look at those colors.  I am just in love with the entire scheme.  And if the snack plates weren’t enough, check out the matching owl bowls!

Hootie and Happiness Bowl & Tray Set - 4 piece Set

Oh my goodness, I’m just so inspired by these little guys!  But here is the best part.  So, as I said, I was just flipping though, checking out all the beautiful stoneware, and I find the Veranda Home Collection and my jaw just dropped.  Absolutely beautiful!  The design is everything I could ask for in a kitchen collection and would work great with my little owls!  Allow me to show you a few pieces of this collection.


An added benefit of choosing a white color scheme for my stoneware is that next time my mood changes, I can change my accent pieces instead of my entire kitchen.  (My husband will love that, lol!)

The photos just do not do this collection justice, you have to jump over to Tracie’s Celebrating Home website to truly appreciate what all this collection includes: matching casserole dishes, spoon rests, serving trays.  On chance, she happened to have a Bean Pot in stock, so I was able to check out the weight and I was very impressed with how heavy it was.  I can only imagine how sturdy the plates and other accessories will be!

Now, let’s be honest, this is not your average collection that you can purchase for a minimal amount of money.  This set is an investment that is going to last a good long time, so don’t let the price scare you off from purchasing this collection.  Another great thing about purchasing from Celebrating Home is you can buy in pieces!  I don’t know about you, but with tax season right around the corner, I know what my first major purchase is going to be!  Hello kitchen, here I come!

So, with that being said, allow me to list for you the reasoning that I will be using on my husband when he tries to tighten up the checkbook:


Can you think of any other super amazing reasons that your husband should buy you this awesome kitchen collection?  I know from personal experience that women can be very persuasive… or just nag until the hubby gives in (my personal favorite!).

Is anyone else planning to redecorate any room(s) in their house this coming year?  We’d love to hear about your projects or see photos of your completed room!  While you are decorating, be sure to check out all the other amazing home décor items at Celebrating Home!  They have a wide variety to meet any and all decorating tastes!