DIY Chocolate Cupcake Toppers!


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Good Morning all my fabulous crafters!  Thank you for joining us today, we have another super amazing post for you today!  Please allow me to introduce our very first guest post {EVER}…

Daniela @ Put A Bird On It!

I love, love, love the post she has for you today and I’m sure you will too!  Don’t forget to visit her blog for more crafty inspiration and amazing projects!  Thanks, Daniela!

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Hello there! My name is Daniela, and I blog at Put A Bird On It, where you can find lots of easy craft tutorials, DIY projects and always some holiday love. I am so excited to guest post here at My Paper Craze. Becky and I have been planning our blog swap for a while now, and I think we have some great projects to share! Definitely stop by my blog {click HERE!} to see what Becky has for you, too.

Holidays are always right around the corner. It feels like Valentine’s Day just ended — and St. Patrick’s Day is already knocking at the door. I am sharing with you a super easy treat idea to get a jump start on celebrating this lucky holiday. DIY chocolate cupcake toppers! I L-O-V-E cupcakes. Who doesn’t?! Even more than eating them, I love decorating them! I usually use my beloved Silhouette Cameo to make a paper topper of some sort for cupcakes, but I wanted to switch it up this time. Instead of paper – I used chocolate! I had seen a pin about making your own chocolate cupcake toppers from Catch My Party and they looked so fancy, I figured it must be hard, but I tried my own version of it, and – someone pinch me – these were SO easy! It only took a few “ingredients” to whip up these delicious cupcakes and their irish toppers. I made shamrocks and spelled out the word L-U-C-K! I am also including a free printable of the “pattern” I used, which you can download on my blog {link below}. So it’s even more easy for you to make these St. Patrick’s Day party ready cupcakes! Enjoy!




candy melts, green


wilton squeeze bottle

printed “stencil” paper

parchment or wax paper

{cupcakes, frosted & sprinkled}




Melt candy melts according to package directions. Add about a tablespoon of shortening before melting. This helps make the chocolate creamy {otherwise, you risk getting lumps}.


Spoon melted chocolate into squeeze bottle. Prep stencil by placing a piece of parchment/wax paper over your stencil paper. {remember – your chocolate goes on the parchment/wax paper – not the printed paper}




Following the lines on the stencil, squeeze the chocolate onto the parchment/wax paper.





You want the chocolate to make somewhat THICK lines. I had 5 out of my 6 shamrocks BREAK, because the chocolate was too thin to withstand being taken off the parchment/wax paper. Remember to make them thicker than the ones pictured {just a little}, or you will end up with this:




Luckily, {irish luck!}, I had one shamrock that was thick enough. But both of my letter Y’s were too thin, so my LUCKY turned into LUCK. Which is still magically delicious.


Let the chocolate harden. I took a nap and came back, so mine took a couple hours. You can pop them in the fridge to speed things up, if needed.


Add to your cupcakes. If you’re lucky, there will be leftovers for you to take home.





Thanks again to Becky for letting me share a fun, festive treat with you all! Don’t forget to stop by Put A Bird On It to see Becky’s guest post and download the free stencil for these charming cupcakes. Have the best day!





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Thanks, again, Daniela!

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