About Becky


As a child, I drove my mom nuts.  She was blessed with one, and only one, sweet little baby girl… who turns out to be a tomboy and runs around the house in a Batman cape.  No pink and frilly for me, it was superhero fantasies and following Dad around to learn how to be a farmer girl.  But such is life and now it’s my turn.  I once read the definition of a boy as “noise with dirt on it”… and a truer statement has never been spoken.  I recently married into a family with two innocent-looking, sweet-talking little boys… who turn into gross little monsters if you feed them after six o’clock in the morning.  No one ever told me that this was a daily occurrence…  and the transition actually happens faster if you opt not to feed them at all.  But every monster has a silver lining, or fur coat as it may be.  Eight short months ago, I was blessed with my very own sweet little baby girl… and cue the pink and frilly.  This is where my craft journey begins.  I feel like it all started with a tutu bow holder… and it’s been a glitter and pink themed rollercoaster ride ever since.

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