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Easter Bunny Banner + Pinspiration Friday


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Oooo, have I told you how much we love Pinterest lately?  It seems like every time I jump on there, I find a whole new world of inspiration and a whole new crafting to-do list!  Today, we did a bright and beautiful Easter Bunny Banner!  But first, you can also view this post at our NEW site!  Hop on over!

Easter Bunny Banner + Pinspiration Friday by My Paper Craze

From our {PINSPIRATION} list, we’ve done Hanging With My {PEEPS} T-Shirts and a Tutu Easter Basket, so let’s switch over to our handy-dandy Silhouette machine for a little paper crafting!

I created this colorful Easter banner for a friend of mine and it was {OH} so much fun to design!

First, find a few Easter egg cut files in the Silhouette Online Store.  And you know me, always looking for a deal!  If you look close, you will find a few files that include THREE egg designs instead of just ONE!

Second, locate the bunnies of your choice.  Again, I downloaded mine from the Silhouette Online Store (did I mention they are having a great sale on their Easter files?).

Easter Bunny Banner + Pinspiration Friday by My Paper Craze

Once you decide on the size of your banner, start cutting those eggs out, one by one.  Make sure you cut them all the same size (or close to it).  The back layer is a solid egg shape with no design.  If you don’t want to download it, simply use the offset feature in the Silhouette Studio and shrink it down to an exact fit.  You’ll glue the white background to the color egg design.

Next, you’ll cut out your lettering in a contrasting color.  I chose white, then outlined the very edge of my cardstock with a purple sharpie for definition.

Easter Bunny Banner + Pinspiration Friday by My Paper Craze

Once all of your eggs are assembled with the layers and lettering, think about putting a few embellishments on there for an extra special look.  I picked up some spring chipboard embellishments from the Dollar Tree, they’ve been in my stash for over a year, just dying to be used!

Easter Bunny Banner + Pinspiration Friday by My Paper Craze

The two final steps are to punch holes in the desired locations and string some twine or ribbon through!  I chose the top of the eggs and bunny ears so they would all hang down in a row.  It’s also a little more difficult to align the hole punches on the sides, just something to keep in mind.

Easter Bunny Banner + Pinspiration Friday by My Paper Craze

Don’t you just love all these bright colors?  Hop on over to our {Easter Crafts} board for more {PINSPIRATION} than you can stand!!  I’m sure you’ll find tons of projects to squeeze in before the Easter Bunny comes!

Top 17 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts!


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya!

Welcome back to another fabulous day of our crafting journey!  Today we bring you one of our favorite round-up posts… Top 17 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts!  We loved so many of the projects, we decided on an even 17 {LOL}.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

St Patricks Day Background2

feeling lucky lotto gift BLOG

Feeling Lucky? Lotto Gift for St. Patrick’s Dayshaken together

I don’t know about you, but I love me some lotto tickets!  Birthday cards, stocking stuffers, you name it, we love ’em.  Now add that to crafting and you have me addicted for life!  Look at these awesome matchbook-style cards to add that extra flair to your lotto tickets.  Who knows, you might get lucky!

eighteen25 subway-art-lucky[SUBWAY ART] LUCKY ~ eighteen25

Not only is this a super awesome [and super easy!] project, a free printable is available!  But check out what else they have for you…



What’s better than looking at a super cute t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day?  How about making one for yourself or the kiddos!  eighteen25 gives you a full step-by-step tutorial on making these shirts – from cutting to ironing, you can’t go wrong!

St Patricks Day Activities for Kids_thumb[2]

Saint Patrick’s Day Printables {color by number} ~ U Create

More awesome {and free} printables, this time it’s fun for the kiddos {and relaxation for us mommas!}

IMG_4718eTaste the Rainbow… Jello! ~ Glorious Treats

There are few things in this world that are better than Jello and Glorious Treats sure blows my regular ole jello mold out of the water!  Look at all those beautiful layers!  Definitely a must try, so head on over for the recipe!


St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Yarn Wreath ~ Crafts ‘n Coffee

Wow, what a uniquely colorful wreath!  I love using different mediums for my wreaths and it doesn’t get any cuter than all this colorful yarn!


St. Pat’s Magic Vases ~ Yesterday on Tuesday

Oh, I just love how amazingly simple this idea is!  You can use it for St. Patrick’s day or {ANY} holiday of the year!  I know of more than a few crafts that I can use this nifty technique to make a truly unique statement!

apothecary jars

Apothecary Jars for St. Patrick’s Day ~ Uncommon Designs

I have to admit, I wasn’t always a fan of apothecary jars… UNTIL {NOW}!  Such bright colors and cute design, plus the big green bow that just sets it all off!  One more project to add to my craft list…


Kids Rainbow Art ~ The NY Melrose Family

Contributor post via Ariean @ One Krieger Chick

My kids love paint… because it is messy, of course!  Ariean at One Krieger Chick definitely shows us how awesome all this messy-fun can be turned into a messy-chic décor item!


St. {Paddy’s} Wreath ~ She’s Kinda Crafty

Calling all ribbon hoarders, you know who you are!  This is the perfect project for you, check out all this loopy-goodness, beautiful patters and green glory!  What better chance to put that ribbon stash of yours to work {or an excuse to go buy more LOL}!


Free Lucky Brew Printable St. Patrick’s Day Beer Labels ~ Benign Objects

Now I know what you’re thinking… no drinking on the job!  But trust me, these cute labels are cute for beer and ROOT beer alike!  Grab a bottle of A&W for a kid-friendly St. Patty’s Day brew!


Free St. Patrick’s Day “No Pinching” Sign ~ Catch My Party

Always forget to wear green?  With one of these disclaimers, you’re good to go!  I’m proudly displaying mine in my office to ward off any potential pinchers!  {Green does nothing for my eyes LOL}.


Lucky Me… FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printables ~ Mimi’s Dollhouse

Need a reason to throw a fabulous party?  Look no further, these adorable printables from Mimi’s Dollhouse are the perfect reason to plan a green-themed get-together and celebrate!


How to Lure a Leprechaun ~ Meaningful Mama

I almost giggled myself silly at how awesomely cute this project is!  My boys will just wig-out finding this in their bathroom the morning of the 17th!  Oh, I can’t wait!


St. Patrick’s Day Gifts ~ The Idea Room

Looking for a cute gift for St. Patrick’s Day?  Look no further as these are the cutest of them all!  You know what this means?  You finally get to upcycle those Starbuck’s drink containers!  Amy at the Idea Room even gives us the printables for the awesome tags!  What more do you need?


DIY St. Patrick’s Day Décor ~ Green Owl Crafts

I love the look of this St. Patrick’s Day mantel décor.  It adds just the right touch of green without exploding it all over your house {LOL}.  Be sure to head on over for the full details!


St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas ~ Snapden Photo Booth Blog

Talk about a super cute idea for fun with the kids {or ADULTS}, you have to hop on over to the Snapden Photo Booth Blog and check out their super fun ideas for photo booth props!  Grab your camera and snap some memories!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


That’s right!  You can see the Christmas spirit all around my house (yippie!).  With Christmas right around the corner, we decided the crank up the Christmas tunes, bring out the good ole tree and get to decorating!  This year I have been in LOVE with chevron and burlap, so what better time to combine them than Christmas?  I can’t take credit for all my decorations, but I can point you in the right direction!  All the lovely ladies I work with are absolutely fabulous and should definitely be on your list for next year (or this year, it might not be too late!).

{the wreath}

It all began with the wreath, lol.  A lovely friend of mine, owner of Snazzie Frills, always has amazing wreaths.  When she posted this one, I knew it was love at first sight!  This very wreath is what started my chevron and burlap themed Christmas, and of course I had to get the matching banner, too!  Love them both.  The banner is made using that awesome new chalkboard fabric, so you can write a little Christmas message right on your banner and change it every day if you want!  That’s too much work for me, but wonderful idea all the same!  Stop by her page and show her some love, you won’t be disappointed!




{the tree}

Now I’ll admit, I was a bit horrified when I plugged in my tree this year and :: bam :: multicolored lights are shining bright.  I had completely forgotten (no offense if you like multicolored lights, they’re just not my thing).  So, since I have such a wonderful husband, he dashed out to the store to pick me up some white globe lights and saved the day!  So, yes, my tree has white lights, just like I always wanted, lol.


I was fortunate to stumble across a fabulous local business by the name of Cherry Barn Originals that hooked me up with a fabulous tree skirt in burlap and chevron.  (she also does fabulous clothing, check her out!).


Isn’t it just amazing?!?  I am just in awe every time I look at it.  She also hooked me up with matching stockings for the family, but we’ll get to that in a moment.  So with this fabulous tree skirt, the pressure was on for me to really do it up good for the tree… so what better than matching tree streamers?  Check them out, I was quite impressed with myself…



20131208_214631_resized_1     20131208_214647_resized

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I actually recycled the burlap chair sashes I had for Thanksgiving!  It may be difficult to see, but I have a layer of bunched burlap on the bottom and red chevron ribbon on the top.  Together, they look awesome with the red ornaments to set them off.  I just bunched up a burlap bow on top and ta-da.

{the stockings}

I was really torn over my stockings this year because… WE DIDN”T HAVE ANY!  What kind of mother doesn’t have stockings for her family?  Well, this is our first Christmas as a family, so I guess I will cut myself some slack, but geez, I was horrified (again!).  It’s been a traumatic series of events here, lol.  But now, with this fabulous tree skirt on the way, I just HAVE to have matching stockings!  Luckily, my girl Jennifer (Cherry Barn Originals) hooked me up (again!) with coordinating stockings!  They are all different, but the same, you know?  I call them awesome!  We also have a sweet little Baby’s First Christmas stocking snuggled right in the middle.  Best. Stockings. Ever.



I didn’t want burlap actually on the stockings.  The only thing consistent about my decorating is that it always changes.  So instead, I just tucked some burlap in there with my stocking hangers and I love how it turned out.  So simple.  As you can see, we decided to hang ours on the window sill this year, right next to our tree.  They look so cute together.

{the snowman}

This next idea was shared to me by a good friend I work with and it was just too cute not to steal!  Now, the original snowman idea was made with a full-sized tree, but I decided to go with a little skinny-mini tree so that it would fit in my dining room and am SO happy with how it turned out!  The eyes, mouth and buttons are all made out of coal (aka Christmas ornaments), the scarf is chevron ribbon, the hat was pre-made in the children’s Christmas craft area, the carrot nose is rolled up orange cardstock and the arms are recycled twigs from my Give Thanks tree from Thanksgiving!  It was super easy and is now my kid’s favorite tree in the house, lol.

20131208_221309_resized     20131208_221253_resized

{the countdown}

And last but not least, what Christmas décor is complete without a Countdown to Christmas?  This project is another recycle from Thanksgiving!  I used that wonderful chalkboard paint (the spray can variety), covered a piece of poster board with it, slapped it in the frame and called it done.  For this project, I added a little burlap, changed up the message and it’s a great addition to our home.  The kid’s think it’s really fun, too — between the countdown and the snowman, this is their favorite corner of the house, lol.




So are we ready for Christmas or what?  I love the fact that just walking through my house lifts my Christmas spirit!  I can’t wait to get back on Pinterest and find some more great ideas to add to our home.  Who says Christmas is only for kids?  Not me, but I do try to include them in everything I can.  They’re not much for decorating, but they’ll sing Christmas songs and eat cookies with me, and that’s what I call good company.  That’s what I love about each and every one of these projects… they may not be magazine worthy or be featured on blogs around the world, but I have real projects for real people and families.  Let’s face it, with kids in the house, it’s hard to get anything done, much less a perfect Christmas mantel.  I don’t even have a mantel, lol.

Thanks for joining us again today, we’ll have more Christmas fun for you right around the corner.  Remember, only 15 days left until the big day!

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Introducing: For the Love of Friday


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Welcome to our weekly Friday post: For the Love of Friday.  These posts are designed to celebrate all the fun projects that we have created throughout the week.  I mean really, who doesn’t love Fridays?  And what’s the best way to celebrate something we love?  Exactly… crafting.

I have another quick post for you today.  With Halloween only a few weeks away, I’ve been working on my decorations and wanted to share a super-cute paper rosette banner I made.  I don’t have room for a full size banner, so this is a great alternative since it’s only 28 inches wide.  I’ve seen rosettes used this way before and it was just too cute to pass up.  Do you know what else this would be perfect for?  Hanging on your front door!  Can you imagine adding a few of these rosettes to a Halloween wreath?  The options are endless with such a versatile design.

For the paper rosettes, I used various patterned paper from my stash.  All of the shapes came from the Silhouette Online Store except the large spider web; it was a free cutting file from  If you’re not familiar with this website, they offer a free cutting file everyday.  You might want to check it out, what’s better than free?

Thanks for joining us today and checking out our latest project.   We hope you had as much fun as we did!  Better yet, maybe this will inspire you to get started creating your own decorations for the upcoming holidays!  Stay tuned for lots of new projects… and a surprise just around the corner!


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