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DIY Tutu Easter Basket + Pinspiration Friday


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Hello there and welcome back to another Pinspiration Friday!  As we inch closer to Easter, we’re loving all these awesome Easter crafts we’re finding and can’t wait to share the fun with you!  Last week we visited our {PEEPS} with our cute Hanging With My Peeps T-shirt.  This week, we’ll make a matching accessory… a DIY TUTU EASTER BASKET!  Whoo-hoo!

DIY Tutu Easter Basket by My Paper Craze

As you might have guessed, we love tutus and they are so easy to make!  This Easter basket makes for an extra special accessory to give to your little hunny-bunny on Easter… a wearable tutu!

Start off by grabbing some supplies at your local craft store.  We like Hobby Lobby, they had an amazing sale for us to pick up this adorable polka-dot basket and dress it up with our tulle.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 basket – you can choose on from the Easter aisle or re-purpose one from home
  • 2 rolls of color coordinated tulle – depending on your basket and how full you want your tutu
  • Ribbon, elastic band or elastic headband spool

DIY Tutu Easter Basket by My Paper Craze

After you grab your supplies, do you remember how to make a quick and easy tutu?  Jump on over to our tutu post Pretty In Pink.  We had a great time making tutus for Breast Cancer Awareness month back in October!  This post has the link for a full video tutorial from Just Add A Bow that makes it so easy to follow along.  We love our tutorials, but for this piece, a video is the safest bet.  We’ll wait while you give it a glimpse…

Got the hang of it?  So what you’ll do is grab your elastic or ribbon and measure around the TOP of your basket.  I would recommend a wooden basket over plastic, only because the elastic tends to slide off plastic surfaces.  Give it a try and see what works best for you.  Once you’ve measured and cut your desired length, go ahead and loop it around your thigh like we saw in the video.  This really is the best method from my experience.

One difference for my tutus is that I do not bunch two strips of tullle at a time.  I knew I would be doing two layers for this tutu, so I only threaded one strip of tulle through each loop, all the way around.  Once finished, I started on the second layer.  After all your layers are done (in my case, two was enough), it’s time to slip your tutu on the basket.

DIY Tutu Easter Basket by My Paper Craze

I chose to flip my basket over rather than stretch it around the top.  In truth, you can do it however is easiest for you.  Once you have it around, go ahead and flip your basket right-side up, if applicable, and pull the edge of your tutu up to the top.

DIY Tutu Easter Basket by My Paper Craze

Since I purchased a regular storage-type basket, it did not include a handle.  Don’t despair, you can just add a handle using your existing materials.  I chose to weave my tulle through the holes in my elastic headband material.  I think it turned out rather cute.  If you do have a handle attached to your basket, feel free to wrap some tulle around it to dress it up a little.

DIY Tutu Easter Basket by My Paper Craze

One of the important things about this craft, in my opinion, is to make sure that your tutu is detachable for your little princess to wear.  I don’t know about you, but I buy a NEW Easter basket each year for my daughter, so it seems that I have a ton of them laying around!  Re-dress some of those older baskets and give them a face-life with a little tulle and a whole lot of {LOVE}!


As promised, we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Easter crafts, including more Tutu Easter Baskets!  Check out our {Easter Crafts} board for more {PINSPIRATION} than you can stand!  Put your crafty self to work, then come back and share your projects with us!  We’d sure love to hear from you!

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Pretty In Pink


Check out this post and other crafty inspiration over at our new blog!


Good Morning and Happy Laaaazzzy Sunday.  Sorry for the late post today, but it’s a cute one!  Today we are celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  I am fortunate to work for an employer who understands the importance and value of giving back to our community.  This coming Saturday we are participating in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk — how exciting!  As a known crafter to my co-workers, I volunteered to give tutu making lessons — how exciting (again)!  So this past Thursday a few of us got together and threw some pink tulle around, and here were the results!

20131018_144409 20131018_143457 20131018_143112 20131018_142931

So how did we make these awesome tutus?  Most of the credit goes to Just Add A Bow‘s video on YouTube.  She has a ton of useful video’s that offer her tips of the trade.  You can also check out her Facebook fan page.  Here are the basic supplies that you will need:

Tulle (any color).  I prefer rolls of tulle over purchasing it by the yard, it’s much easier to cut and manage as a roll.


I’m also a paper crafter, so I have a nifty straight edge cutter that makes it super easy to feed the tulle through, measure the length and cut.


Don’t forget as you’re working on it, it’s much easier to loop it round your thigh.


This is what your first layer will look like, depending on if you choose a pattern or a solid color.  You can do as many layers as you like.  I prefer at least two, just to make it full and fluffy.


So what crafts have you done to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness?  Do you have any THINK PINK ideas to share with the group?

Thanks for joining us today!  Don’t forget to enter out awesome GIVE-A-WAY to win a free $25 Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons gift card!  Thanks, again, and we look forward to another amazing post coming soon!

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